Packing and Storage Tips

Make a list of what you want to store, then either use our estimator, or talk one of our trained staff through the list. We will provide you with a quote for the best sized unit based on that list, and help you work out the amount of packing materials you may need. Label all boxes clearly to help when sorting or retrieving goods, and during unpacking.

Calculate the value of insurance cover you will need it is helpful to consider the value of cover provided by your household or commercial contents policy. Cover can be easily arranged when you start the rental agreement.

Put heavy items – like books – in smaller boxes to make them easier to lift. Use strong cardboard boxes for china and breakables, having protected them with bubble-wrap and packing paper.

Place all large and heavy items at the base of the unit, using lighter items to go on top. It is often helpful to place beds and even sofas on end (as long as they are wrapped for protection) Cover all furniture with dust sheets and furniture covers for the soft furnishings – wrap table and chair legs to avoid scratching.

Garden furniture should be cleaned to prevent mildew in the unit, and lawnmowers and other equipment must be drained of petrol.

Polished furniture and table legs etc are easily and often damaged in moving house, again it is prudent to protect with bubble wrap or removal blanket.

Fragile items such as glass and china should be protected with bubble wrap and packed firmly in strong cardboard packing cases. A good precaution against rough handling of these boxes is by using white vinyl “fragile” tape to seal and give high visibility to the boxes and their contents.

Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly defrosted and dried, and their doors ought to be left open during the storage period.

Ovens should be cleaned and washing machines emptied and dry before storage.

Bubble wrap can generate static electricity, which can discharge into PC towers and TV sets causing damage to the electrics. To avoid this, again use cotton sheets or non-conductive materials under the bubble wrap or removal blankets where this could be a problem.