Parrett self storage really does offer an all-inclusive service to make your storage experience as easy as possible.

  • Competitive

  • Flexible

  • Suitable to cover both household goods and business items

Liability Cover

As with all aspects of our storage, our staff are fully trained to advise you on the most appropriate cover for your possessions. Call: 01935 825 734

Enhanced Liability Protection

Why do I need it?

Goods Protection

We can provide protection for your stored goods on a new replacement basis.

StoreProtect is an extension to our standard contract that allows us to accept liability for loss or damage to your goods in certain circumstances.

Our liability under StoreProtect is accepted on a new replacement basis for most goods you store. However, there are restrictions for some items, such as jewellery, watches, furs, fine art, beers, wines, and electrical items. We cannot offer StoreProtect for motorcars stored outside a unit or food/perishable items.

Please read our Self Storage Agreement [LINK] and StoreProtect Addendum [LINK] For full details of the protection we can provide.

To benefit from StoreProtect, you must declare an appropriate new replacement value for all goods stored (known as the Maximum Replacement Value). This figure must be adequate to include all goods at all times.

If you do not opt for StoreProtect, our standard terms limit our liability for your goods to a maximum of £100. You are also required to arrange insurance at your own expense for your stated Maximum Reinstatement Value for the duration of storage.

Do I have to insure my goods?

We make every effort to protect your goods while they are stored with us. However, there is always a possibility that loss or damage could occur and we want you to have complete peace of mind when storing with us.

For this reason, our contract requires your goods to be protected either by our enhanced liability under StoreProtect or via insurance you have arranged elsewhere at your own expense.

Our Self Storage Agreement requires you to either: accept our enhanced liability protection under StoreProtect; or arrange insurance at your own expense for your stated Maximum Reinstatement Value for the duration of storage.

Please refer to our StoreProtect page for more information [LINK]

There are many benefits offered by StoreProtect, including:

  • If your goods are lost or damaged, there is no excess to be paid by you. This differs from most insurance policies, where the excess will be between £50 and £250 per claim.
  • If you make a claim against our liability under StoreProtect, your own household or business insurance policy no claims discount or claims experience will not be affected.
  • Claims under StoreProtect will be handled by a specialist claims adjuster named RCS on our behalf.