Product Description

High Quality Strong Blue Masking Tape 25mm x 50M.

  • Professional High Quality Painters Tape
  • UV & Sunlight Resistant
  • Multipurpose, Multi surface
  • Easy Clean Removal up to 14 days
  • Width 25mm and Length 50M


Good medium tack adhesion, perfect for securing clean sharp lines for walls, woodwork, metal or glass, as well as many other uses. Resistant to solvent and moisture. Perfect for professional painters.

Essential Kit For 3D Printing

Most commonly used type of masking tape used in 3D printing is the blue painters tape. The tape makes removing the finished print easier and it protects your print bed from scratches.

Rhino Ultratape - UV Resistant Masking Tape 25mm x 25M - Blue

Single sided masking tape, easy tear, Multi surface use, special adhesive resists sunlight degradation for easy removal up to 14 days.

25mm x 50M