Product Description

Ultratape 24 White Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Pads

The Hook and Loop pads are perfect for holding items which have to be removed from time to time, The strong grip on the hook and loop fixing cab be reused thousands of times without deterioration of power.

The Pads are ideal for securing rugs, car mats and soft furnishings.

The Pads have a strong, permanent adhesive backing.  Each Pad Measures 20mm x 20mm

  • Pack contains 24 pads both hook & loop sides
  • Alternative to nails, screws, glues and tapes
  • Multi-purpose use and application
  • Ideal for framing & Perfect for craft projects

To use, clean and dry both surfaces. Peel backing paper and press firmly to surfaces. Allow 10 minutes to set. The adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours