Cushion Foam Pouch/Bag – Tumbler
Size 130 x 180 mm – Faster & superior than using newspaper

Suitable for Tumbler/Shot/Sherry glasses.
Non-abrasive, clean and leaves no residue.
Foam Pouches provides excellent light weight protection & cushioning.
2.5 MM Thick EPE Foam pouches for carrying various items.
Its amazing how much easier you can make packing up with a few simple moving accessories
These standard foam bags are 2.5mm in thickness with an added 10 micron High Density Polythene (HDPE) layer on the inside to give superior weld strength.The bags are supplied with a 40mm self seal flap as standard.

Foam bags offer soft, non-abrasive protection for your delicate or easily scratched items such as electronics or chinaware. One of the gentlest packaging options available on the market and provide reliable and long-lasting protection from dust and moisture. Foam is an extremely lightweight packaging material and ideal for protecting glass, ceramics & wood.