Product Description

Amazon Mailer (Pack of 5)

Measuring 310mm x 250mm and an adjustable height of up to 70mm, these lightweight book wraps are quick and easy to pack and provide a secure and snug fit for your products. Offering the perfect solution for efficient despatches, just wrap the cardboard around your items and secure with the peel and seal adhesive strip for a tamper evident closure.

Amazon C2 Mailer

Features include:

  • As used by Amazon
  • Tear open strip
  • Peel and seal adhesive strip closure – no need for additional adhesives
  • Recyclable and biodegradable


Postal Size: LL/SP
Internal Dimensions: 310mm deep, 250mm wide, 70mm high
External Dimensions: 350mm deep, 260mm wide, 75mm high
Pack Qty 5
Colour: Brown
EAN: 5060405655200
Biodegradable: Yes
Easy Open: Yes
Easy Seal: Yes
Recyclable: Yes
Sustainable Sources: Yes