Product Description


Airsac inflatable packaging kit for shipping six bottles of lager, beer or cider. Can also be used for half-wine bottles.

  • Single wall transit carton, semi-chem strengthened for extra protection, printed “Fragile”
  • 2 x Triple Beer Bottle Airsacs
  • Suitable for bottles up to 550ml

Airsac is specifically for transporting fragile and breakable goods. Multi-chamber design provides cushioning for products in the bags.

Developed with the beer, wine and spirit industry in mind. Ideal for beverages such as: Bottles of wine, Beer and other spirits, for posting or transportation.

  • Composed of only 2% film and 98% air
  • Has a high performance multi-chamber design
  • Flat before use, Airsac is inflated using compressed air

Tested at temperatures -40 up to +60 degrees. Suitable for air frieght as well as for use through courier services.

    • 100% reusable and recyclable
    • Easy to inflate with use of compressed air
    • All UK online orders are inflated before dispatch unless advised.
    • Dimensions:  320 x 370 x 195mm