Safety Deposit Boxes

Our safe deposit box rental service puts your mind at ease because you know that your valued documents are safe from risks, such as theft or fire. The majority of High Street banks will no longer take items and are now asking people to take their items out.

Customer’s use our Safe deposit boxes to store all types of valuable possessions, such as jewellery & currency, marketable securities, important documents such as will , property deeds, and birth certificates, or computer storage data that needs protection from theft, fire, flood, tampering, or other perils.

Key features include:

  • Safety deposit boxes are available for customers to keep their valuable documents safe.

  • Competitive annual rental rates

  • Customers can deposit and retrieve their papers any time during normal office hours.

  • No separate fee for each access

  • Key deposit is required and refundable.

Rental Procedure

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

  • Applicants must sign a safe deposit box rental service application form and a specimen signature card.

  • Once approved, successful applicants are required to pay a refundable key deposit and the annual rental fee for each safe deposit box rented. Parrett Storage will issue two keys for each box.

Access Procedure

  • The safe deposit box owner is free to access his/her box(s) at any time during normal hours. Upon verification of the individual’s signature, a Parrett Storage representative will accompany the individual to the safe.

Rental Charges

Size Height Width Depth Annual Rent
S 10.5cm 31cm 20cm £250  Safe Deposit
M 32cm 50cm 39cm £350  Safe Deposit
L 32cm 58cm 43cm £450  Safe Deposit
Size Height Width Depth Annual Rent
S 9cm 19cm 53.5cm £ 250  Deposit Box
M 19cm 38cm 53.5cm £ 300  Deposit Box
L 38cm 38cm 53.5cm £ 350  Deposit Box

Prices ex vat

Important Notes :

A key deposit of £50 per box is required. It is refunded when the keys of the safe deposit box are returned.

We do not insure the contents of the safe deposit boxes. You should consult your insurance agent. This coverage may be part of your homeowner’s or tentant’s insurance policy.

Please note that Parrett storage does not have access to the safe deposit boxes once locked and therefore bears no liability for the contents of the safe deposit boxes.