Internet Parcels

Our Parcel delivery vault takes care of all your home deliveries.

Confined to your house waiting for a package that was supposed to be delivered “sometime during the morning”. With work commitments, school-runs, and a plethora of other socially stimulating tasks to carry out during the average day, clearing the diary in order to wait for a delivery can be a tedious process.

Expensive Internet orders on door step.

When ordering your shopping online most websites provide the option to give a ‘Special Instruction’ or ‘Other Information’. Within that section you need to write a clear instruction for the delivery driver supplying a 4 digit code to open the lock, which we will provide you with via text or email.

Advise the seller that goods are to be collected or delivered from TA12 6AE

The courier will place your parcel inside the vault and record the unique code that is placed on the inside of the lid. This acts as proof of signature.

How does it work ?

The Vault is 1250mm high x 1300mm wide x 700mm deep (1125 litre capacity).
The special locking device used is based on a code entry system, meaning that whoever has the code can deliver parcels securely time after time.
In the vast majority of situations the unique number that is situated inside the lid acts as a proof of signature. In fact most delivery companies prefer to deliver the parcel first time and therefore the number is becoming more widely accepted. However there may be the occasional delivery that requires a hand written signature in which case a member of staff may assis
If you are away from your home or premises, let our vault be your concierge service, if someone needs to drop off an item you require and you cannot be there to accept it, be it a gift, equipment or an important document. Give them an access code to our vault and when you return your delivery will be waiting for you, safe & sound at Parrett works. If you are a small business, use our vault to have documents, parcels and other goods delivered or collected, leaving you to get on running your business.
When you purchase your products from the internet you will have an option within the order to add additional notes or special instructions, you enter your 4 digit code with a brief note to say leave parcel in the parcel vault at TA12 6AE Parrett Works. The courier will receive these special instructions and look for the vault on arrival. The courier will enter the code and the lid will open. The courier will place the parcel in the vault and scan the unique code located on the inside of the lid (this is the signature) The Courier will lock the vault and leave. When you return, simply drop by our offices and retrieve your parcels.

How much?

0.95p                                Single Drop

£1.99                                  Multi Drop                      Multiple use code*

We will supply by text or email the 4 digit code. That’s it.

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