Found the home of your dreams, agreed your move in date, now all that’s left to do is to pack your stuff. But where do you start?

With that in mind, we’ve put together some moving house tips to help you ditch the stress and save some money!

1. Make a moving house checklist

Create a moving schedule that you know you can stick to, it will make the entire process feel much less daunting.

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2. Less is more

Cut back on as much clutter as possible before you pack. There’s no point moving stuff that you don’t love!

3. Box clever

When it comes to boxing up, using the right size is key to a smooth move. Pack heavy items in small boxes, and light items in large boxes.

4. Use proper packaging tape

Sealing the seams on the bottom and top of the boxes will make them much stronger. Use a good quality packing tape and a couple of pieces to seal both seams.

5. Label it

Labelling each box with which room it’s destined for will make unloading the van a lot easier.